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The LifeTeen Core Team for our high school youth in the parish truly give of their time, and commit themselves to walking the Christian path as a living example of the teachings of Christ.  This ministry often requires not only a commitment of time each week, but also a commitment of love and dedication to teaching our faith to these young people.  It is important for the youth of our parish to not only have the support of their parents in their spiritual growth, but to also have good examples of young adults who put their faith into practice every day.


What is the LifeTeen Core Team?


Our LifeTeen program is offered for all High School students.  Life Nights are held each Sunday evening during the school year after the 6 pm Mass.  Our Youth Minister states that the Core team is essential to the Youth Program because, "Youth Ministry is not about one person, it is about a team of people coming together to serve Christ through these teens."

Our Youth Minister has a committed group of Core Team members who assist her with lessons and relational ministry each week.  One of our teens said she appreciates the Core Team because "they make it alive for us.  They bring everything together and make it easy for us to relate our faith to what we are experiencing."


What Does the Core Team Do?


As Catholics we are first called to learn our faith, then we are called to teach the faith to others.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states, "From this loving knowledge of Christ, springs the desire to proclaim him, to 'evangelize', and to lead others to the 'yes' of faith in Jesus Christ."  (CCC 429)  Our Core Team puts this into practice every week.

Religious Education within the Church is necessary so that the youth can understand their Christian Formation as a member of the community of faith.  This is especially important during the high school years in order to help these young people to understand their faith as they prepare to go into the world as adults.

Our Core Team answers this call every week by preparing lessons and relevant materials for the teens to lead them closer to Christ.  Core member Laura Slaby volunteers because, "This is an important stage in these kids lives.  As a young adult I can relate to them in a way they may not get from somewhere else and lead them towards Christ."


How Can I Get Involved?


All of our educators, including the Core Team, must follow Diocesan guidelines for creating a "safe environment" as well as pass a background check and participate in an abuse prevention workshop before working with the youth of our parish.

If you feel that you are called to participate in teaching our young people and would like to learn more about working with teens and being a part of our LifeTeen Core Team, please contact the Office at 785-0174.